Thursday 26 May 2022
School Mission

At the heart of Izotsha Primary School lies the interest and support of parents, and it is the same belief and pioneering spirit of courage, foresight and vision that led to the founding of this school that have kept it stable and secure against a background of a South African society in the middle of transition.

The mission of the school is to serve the needs of the children with quality primary education according to the resources of our infrastructure and in the process aim to achieve a school striving for excellence at all times.

Our ultimate aim is to provide an affordable and well balanced education in a happy, caring environment.

In the education of our children - our future - we wish to achieve a better school, a better community so that in our own small way we can ultimately contribute to achieveing a better country.

Our greatest assets are our children!

Education Principles

The principles to be strived for at Izotsha primary School in the education of your children are as follows:
  1. Education should be child-centred, ie. the childs level, needs and interests should be carefully considered. Children should be actively involved in the learning programme
  2. Education is concerned with more than the acquisition and reproduction of factual content. The development of skills, concepts and attitudes must also receive emphasis. Language development should occupy a central position in the overall learning programme.
  3. Knowledge should not be fragmented - a holistic approach, ie. cross-curricular teaching should be applied, as far as possible.
  4. All children should be exposed to a learning programme that provides for both the consolidation of basic skills and enrichment (higher order thinking / problem solving)
  5. Differentiation should be accommodated in the teaching / learning programme. The curriculum should be multicultural in its design and application.
  6. Teaching / learning should be evaluated on a continuous basis, with an individual child profile providing a global in-depth overview of each child.
Successful learning is not what the child has learnt - but whether he is willing to carry on learning!


The school has an extremely active sports programme - and despite our size, perform well at inter-school competitions. Every child is encouraged to participate in sport.

The school aims to present as many sports as possible. Participation and enjoyment of sport and the teaching of basic skills is the schools objective.

Sport Programme
First Term

Boys and Girls: Swimming
Boys: Cricket and Mini-Cricket
Girls: Cricket

Second Term
Boys: Rugby, Soccer and Hockey
Girls: Hockey and Netball

Third Term
Boys and Girls: Athletics and Cross-Country, Indoor Sports

Fourth Term
Boys and Girls: Swimming and Indoor Sports
Boys: Cricket and Mini-Cricket

These programmes are subject to review every year.